How to check whether a car is insured or not?

You might think it’s impossible to drive without insurance. However, roughly 4.5% of UK drivers are without car insurance. If your car is not in the Motor Insurance Database (MID), you could be fined up to £300 and receive six to eight penalty points on your license? It is true. Uninsured drivers in the UK are prohibited from driving. If you drive an untaxed vehicle, you may be banned from driving. Especially when thousands of ANPR cameras are installed on roads, not paying taxes or driving without insurance is pretty risky. The police can seize your vehicle or even destroy it if you are caught. You may even end up in court if you are caught. Be cautious!

Either you are innocent and unaware, or you hope you won’t get caught. A car’s insurance status is crucial in both cases. For peace of mind, you should also check the tax status. Continue reading this guide to learn how to find out the history of your car and check your vehicle insurance for free.

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Is it necessary to have car insurance?

All drivers are obliged by law to carry car insurance, which offers financial security in an accident resulting in injury or loss to another person, vehicle, piece of property, or animal.

Policies can differ and may or may not cover repairs for your car.

How can I check if my car is insured?

You can quickly check your insurance status by visiting the Motor Insurance Database (MID) and following the below steps to check whether the vehicle is insured or not:

  1. Check out the MID website.
  2. Enter the Registration Number Plate
  3. Read and agree to their Data Protection Declaration
  4. Do the CAPTCHA and click check the vehicle.”

The MID database will tell you if the car is insured. If you have forgotten to insure your vehicle, the Motor Insurance Database will notify you. They will send you Insurance Advisory Letter, which will provide you with helpful information on how to get your car insured and avoid problems with the DVLA.

Can I drive an uninsured car with my insurance?

Driving an uninsured vehicle may result in severe penalties because it is illegal.
The Road Traffic Act of 1988 mandates that every car on UK roads must be insured – even if it is only third-party insurance. It will not only protect you financially but also will protect you legally in the event of an accident. Under certain circumstances, you may drive without insurance.

Is my insurance still valid if my car is written off?

Suppose your car is written-off. Ownership is effectively transferred to your auto insurance company. You will then be compensated for the vehicle’s value if sold in its pre-accident condition. This is referred to as settlement. To drive another car, even temporarily, you must check with your insurance company.
If your car has reached the end of its useful life and you want to get rid of it, you can arrange for it to be collected by a scrap merchant.

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How can I determine if my car has an MOT and is taxed?

Even if you check if your car is insured, you should also have road tax and a valid MOT. Using the government’s free car check service, you can determine if a car is taxed and has a valid MOT certificate. By entering the registration number, you can decide if a vehicle is currently taxed or registered as off-road (SORN).
Additionally, you’ll be able to find out when the next MOT test is due, as well as whether the car has been taxed. You’ll also find the vehicle’s model and when it was registered.

Can I Get a Car Insurance Reminder or Auto-Renewal Option?

If you want to askMID to remind you about getting car insurance, they don’t. Even though the UK government’s tax and MOT check website emails you a reminder. Nevertheless, if you are concerned about a renewal nudge for your annual or monthly car insurance policy, then you can relax. You will receive an email from your insurance company.


You can either SORN your vehicle or buy car insurance to drive legally on UK roads. As a result, you will face severe penalties, including fines and penalty points on your license. No matter how honest you are, you cannot excuse yourself for not knowing if you have insurance. Check your MID status for free if you are not aware. You can run a free DVLA car insurance check to determine your tax status. Get tax details, MOT records, and other useful vehicle-related information with our full vehicle history check – it costs you nothing but your time.

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