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People often need clarification while looking for their next car purchase because many model variations may appear identical but are pretty different, especially when getting a used car. Travelling back in time reveals many dark secrets about the used vehicle’s history. This is where a free vehicle history check comes into the game to save a lot of hard-earned money from getting into car scams that will become life-threatening.

How to check car details for free?

To check car details for free, you can use the most affordable Free Vehicle History Check with various pricing options starting from 9.99 as a single full check which reveals car details like if a car has finance outstanding, car write-off status, a vehicle isn’t stolen, check car mileage DVLA along with import/export verification, MOT, Tax (VED status) and more.

How to find car details with the VIN?

The type of body, fuel type, engine size, and transmission type are among the most frequent and fundamental details regarding vehicle spec checks. The  make and model help you verify that the vehicle matches the description provided by the seller, the year in which the vehicle was manufactured, which can be helpful in determining the vehicle’s age. 

Each Vehicle Identification Number does, however, contain comprehensive vehicle data that provides unique information.

Apart from the car specification, you check details like if a car is not stolen, a write-off history, and if a vehicle has outstanding finance on it.

What checks are included?

Outstanding Finance Check

Avoid a financial headache. Check the car's finance history before you buy and steer clear of hidden debt and repossession risks.

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Police Stolen Check​

Protect yourself from vehicle fraud. Conduct a Stolen Car Check in the UK using the PNC - because peace of mind is priceless.

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Insurance Write-off

Ensure your car's history is accident-free. Check if it's an Insurance Write-Off, so you know its history before you invest.

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Previous Owners Check 

Uncover the car's ownership history. With a Previous Owner Check, find out how many owners there have been and their ownership duration.

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Certificate of Destruction

Avoid a scrap mistake. Conduct a Car Scrap Check for a Certificate of Destruction (COD) issued by the DVLA, confirming the car's scrapped status

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Mileage Anomaly

Get a Car Mileage Check to detect any inconsistencies between the reading on the car and premium mileage history sources.

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Number Plate Check

Know your car's reg number history. Conduct a Number Plate Check to uncover any history of number plate changes, including date and new VRM.

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Import & Export Check

Verify your car's origin. Get an Import/Export Check and be confident that it's legitimate with no documentation risk.

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How many registered owners can a car have in uk?

There is no restriction in the UK for the number of registered owners a car can have. A vehicle can have multiple owners throughout its lifetime, and ownership can be transferred through the sale or gift of the vehicle. 

Each time the ownership of a vehicle changes, the new owner must register the car with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) and obtain a new V5C logbook.

Our Premium report gives you all vehicle details such as,

  • Total number of previous keepers
  • Date of ownership transferred

A 30,000 data guarantee with priority support at 2 for immediate data claims is a unique feature many check car details might be lacking.

The logbook will indicate the current registered keeper of the vehicle. If you are buying a used car, it is essential to check the logbook to ensure that the seller is the legal owner and has the right to sell the vehicle.

A detailed 5 band car valuation data at just 2.99 per check is available with the below data points

  •  Dealer forecourt
  •  Trade Retail
  •  Trade Average
  •  Trade Poor
  •  Private Clean
  •  Private Average
  •  Part Exchange
  •  Auction

Why is it essential to check car details online?

By examining your car’s history, you can identify potential issues or maintenance needs, ensuring you stay safe on the road and avoid costly repairs. Many may question, “How do I check the history of a used car?” It is essential to check your car’s details and can provide valuable insights into its condition and help you make informed decisions. So, take the time to check your car’s details today and enjoy peace of mind on the road.

Frequently Asked Question

The vehicle check service provides a free report on many basic vehicle-related data fields.

A total car history check worth 9.99 would allow you to access even more information, such as check outstanding car finance, write off car, and car mileage checkups, if you want to buy a used car.

You will typically need to enter your car’s registration number to check your car’s details. We will then generate a report that includes all available information on your vehicle, including its MOT history, tax status, previous owners, mileage readings, and more. Before proceeding with any other vehicle history check, look for our service best suits your needs and budget.

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