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Free Vehicle History Check

The question often arises, "Where to check car history?” Take a breather, we got you covered.

At Car Analytics, a free vehicle history check is included in the services offered, to help ensure that the vehicle concerned hasn‘t previously been scrapped.

We treat our customers as royalty and make it our utmost priority to improve ourselves in serving you better, if you are unhappy with the vehicle check reports, we will readily give you a full refund, No questions asked.

Certificate of Destruction

A Certificate of Destruction (CoD) is a document issued by DVLA to a registered Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). An ELV is a vehicle that has been classed as trash, it is crucial to notify the DVLA as per government norms so that they can strike your name out from their registry.

It is crucial to issue a CoD, because lately metal theft has been an issue, where many sellers have illegally sold cars that should have been scrapped long ago. This poses a risk to the public in many ways, whether it is financial, life or legal issues that may affect the livelihood of our valuable customers.

Check Vehicle History with Car Analytics to view details about any car and important specs that helps you figure out your purchase option better.

A vehicle enlisted to be scrapped by the DVLA should not be up for purchase or on road. Usually, all cars meant to be recycled by an Authorised Treatment Facility must be issued with a CoD.

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Many cases appear wherein; cars which have been written off by insurance companies still appear in the market. Buying a car that was set for scrapping is risky, so undertaking a vehicle history check before buying is very crucial. A DVLA MOT Check always comes handy which you can view in Car Analytics.